Getting started

About the docs

How to contribute to Raku and to the documents, how to generate the docs locally

Announcements page

A date-stamped list of notes relevant to the Raku documentation site.

Brief introduction

Using Raku official documentation

Filename extensions

The extensions recommended for files with Raku content.

Raku by example 101

A basic introductory example of a Raku program

Migration guides

Haskell to Raku - nutshell

Learning Raku from Haskell, in a nutshell

JavaScript (Node.js) to Raku - nutshell

Learning Raku from Node.js, in a nutshell

Perl to Raku guide - functions

Builtin functions in Perl to Raku

Perl to Raku guide - in a nutshell

How do I do what I used to do? (Raku in a nutshell)

Perl to Raku guide - operators

Operators in Perl to Raku: equivalencies and variations

Perl to Raku guide - overview

How do I do what I used to do?

Perl to Raku guide - special variables

A comparison of special variables in Perl and Raku

Perl to Raku guide - syntax

Syntactic differences between Perl and Raku

Python to Raku - nutshell

Learning Raku from Python, in a nutshell

Ruby to Raku - nutshell

Learning Raku from Ruby, in a nutshell: what do I already know?


Classes and objects

A tutorial about creating and using classes in Raku

Command line interface

Creating your own CLI in Raku

CompUnits and where to find them

How and when Raku modules are compiled, where they are stored, and how to access them in compiled form.


Concurrency and asynchronous programming

Core modules

Core modules that may be useful to module authors

Creating operators

A short tutorial on how to declare operators and create new ones.

Doing math with Raku

Different mathematical paradigms and how they are implemented in this language

Entering unicode characters

Input methods for unicode characters in terminals, the shell, and editors

Grammar tutorial

An introduction to grammars


File-related operations

Inter-process communication

Programs running other programs and communicating with them


Functionalities available for visiting all items in a complex data structure

Module development utilities

What can help you write/test/improve your module(s)

Module packages

Creating module packages for code reuse


How to create, use, and distribute Raku modules


Read-eval-print loop

Regexes: best practices and gotchas

Some tips on regexes and grammars