File contentsExtensionHistoric extensions
Raku, .p6
Raku, .pm6
Raku, pm6, pod, pod6
Test files in raku.rakutest.t
Not Quite Perl (NQP).nqp

Note that in most cases, the historic extensions will still work.


An extension is the part of the filename after the final '.'; if no '.' is present, there is no extension.

Filename extensions can be used to associate behavior with the file content, such as opening a specialized reader or editor, running a program with the file content as input, etc. Even when it is not required by the operating system, filename extensions can provide a useful reminder about the contents of the file.


The Raku language was originally known as Perl 6, and this is reflected in the historic column above. Please use the current extensions whenever possible when generating new code.