class Telemetry::Instrument::Usage { }

Note: This class is a Rakudo-specific feature and not standard Raku.

Objects of this class are generally not created by themselves, but rather through making a snapshot.

Useful readings§

This class provides the following generally usable readings (in alphabetical order):

  • cpu

The total amount of CPU time (in microseconds), essentially the sum of cpu-user and cpu-sys.

  • cpu-sys

The number of microseconds of CPU used by the system.

  • cpu-user

The number of microseconds of CPU used by the user program.

  • cpus

The number of CPU's active, essentially cpu divided by wallclock.

  • max-rss

The maximum resident set size (in KiB).

  • util%

Percentage of CPU utilization, essentially 100 * cpus / number of CPU cores.

  • wallclock

The time the program has been executing (in microseconds).

Less useful readings§

The following readings may or may not contain sensible information, mostly depending on hardware and OS being used. Please check your local getrusage documentation for their exact meaning:

name        getrusage struct name
====        =====================
max-rss     ru_maxrss
ix-rss      ru_ixress
id-rss      ru_idrss
is-rss      ru_isrss
minf        ru_minflt
majf        ru_majflt
nswp        ru_nswap
inb         ru_inblock
outb        ru_oublock
msnd        ru_msgsnd
mrcv        ru_msgrcv
nsig        ru_nsignals
volcsw      ru_nvcsw
invcsw      ru_nivcsw